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    Herpes and Your Relationships

  • Herpes and Your Relationships The first thing for the person who develops the symptoms of herpes to do is not to make assumptions but to seek a definite diagnosis. He or she can do this by going for tests in a sexual health clinic. Once the nature of the infection has been established, it is vital that the subject informs his or her current dating partners. Be aware that not all instances of herpes give rise to symptoms, which is why the newly diagnosed person should not direct feelings of anger or resentment towards a partner....[ read more ]
  • Herpes Dating Guide

  • Herpes Dating Guide If you are living with herpes, you don't have to resign yourself to a life of loneliness. As long as you are responsible, there's no reason dating with herpes can't work for you. Here's the basics of how to date when you have herpes.

    Focus on Your Positives

    Just because you're herpes-positive doesn't mean you don't have any desirable qualities. Get back in touch with what they are so you can move forward with confidence....[ read more ]
  • First Date Tips While Having Genital Herpes

  • Herpes and Your Relationships DO: Wear cotton, breezy, loose fitting clothing on the first date even when you want to wear those magical tight jeans that make you look 10 lbs thinner. Wear a pantie liner or a pad so your knickers don't get soaked (excessive discharge is common and embarrassing if not controlled). Best to avoid any undue embarrassments on a first date. Bring anything you may need to take care of yourself in case you end up somewhere else for the night, your meds, baby wipes (to keep the area clean and generally more pleasant than toilet paper), etc....[ read more ]